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The SuperProfile™ is:
A new open profiling system developed by Lumeria
A collection of information about you
Copyrighted; owned by you, controlled by you
Only you have access to your SuperProfile
Only you decide when and what part of your SuperProfile to share
Makes you money
  Opt Out For Privacy.
Opt In for Value.

The SuperProfile™ is a revolutionary new profiling system developed by Lumeria.

Lumeria's new SuperProfile system enables consumers to own their own profile; to keep their consumer data private and use it for their benefit, convenience and profit.

For example, it is convenient to be given information and offers on products and services you are really interested in buying. You will also benefit from having a variety of marketers competing for your business with discounts, extra perks, better service, good deals and even money.

Because your SuperProfile is private, you can feel safe filling it with detailed, timely, and accurate data. As you can imagine, this would be valuable information to marketers - and they will pay you for it!

Because your SuperProfile is owned by you, you receive money, discounts, or additional services when marketers purchase data in your SuperProfile.

Unlike traditional profiling, Lumeria's SuperProfile lets you own, control and manage your profile. It's your information. You should benefit from it.

Simply put, the SuperProfile is an opportunity for you to collect and manage your own information.


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