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Problems with Profiling:
You don't own or control your profile
Someone else, not you, is profiting from your profile
Invasion of privacy
Difficult for you to access, modify or correct your information
Encourages junk mail and direct marketing for products you're not interested in
Difficult to convey to marketers what information you actually do want to see
  Currently, you do not own or control your own profile.

You don't have to be a privacy advocate to appreciate how exposed your personal information has become. If you're like most consumers, you have been the target of intrusive marketing and a constant barrage of irrelevant advertising messages. The average American sees over 3,000 advertising messages a day.

If you fill out a warranty card, get divorced, buy a home, get listed in a school directory, enter a sweepstakes, purchase an item from a catalog, file an insurance claim, or perform a myriad of other everyday activities, some company somewhere makes a record of this fact and sells it to marketers for profit.

In today's world, your buying patterns, reading interests, political affiliations, and travel and entertainment preferences are being tracked. This data is entered into a database that can be filtered to help marketers target you.

This contributes to a glut of mail and telemarketing calls you don't want and to the commercial exploitation of your profile, for which you get nothing in return.

Advertising is a vicious circle of waste and abuse. Consumers are not receiving benefit from marketers when their personal data is used and sold without their permission and marketers are wasting money on advertisements that consumers don't want.


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