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      The next frontier - and competitive advantage - on the Internet is personalization and customization. However, personalization requires rich profiles which, using today's technology, invades privacy. Lumeria's SuperProfile solution allows individuals to cultivate their own rich profile and share it with web sites, merchants, and marketers while maintaining their privacy.

      Software Developers. If you're developing cutting edge software for the internet or for other client server applications, you may already be faced with the task of creating user profiles. With the SuperProfile system, you can have a user profile that is supported by Lumeria and other companies so that the profiles you develop are compatible with a range of other software, tools, and services. The SuperProfile is based on XML and is designed to be open, extensible, and flexible.

      Content Developers. If you are building a content site or virtual community, it's very beneficial to customize your Web site for each individual. The more information you have about an individual, the better you can accomplish this goal. With today's tools you also run the risk of infringing on people's privacy. The SuperProfile can help you customize your site while respecting your community's privacy and thereby increase loyalty, value, and usage.

      Merchants. Today's technology helps you track an individual's purchases on your web site and with your company. The SuperProfile system, however, helps you track an individual's interests and purchases within a broad range of categories. With the SuperProfile's Identity Commerceª system can buy data from the individual. This data provides you with a clearer picture of which customers are the most profitable for your company.

      Marketers and Advertisers. Today you can purchase consumer data scraped together from a multitude of sources to target your audience. With the SuperProfile system you can work directly with your customer in a process we call Collaborative Marketingª. Your success rate will be higher because the individual can provide you with more accurate and timely information. Moreover, your customer is collaborating with you and will feel a higher level of trust and comfort in the advertising message that will inevitably build customer loyalty.

      If you fall into any of these categories, please contact us. We'll let you know about our Developers Program and provide you with early access to Lumeria's SuperProfile XML beta specification.

      Contact developers@superprofile.com for more information.


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