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A Profile is a Collection of Information About You
Phone number(s)
Details of credit card transactions
A detailed record of your Web surfing
Information from the forms and questionnaires you fill out
Auto registration data (in most states)
Births, deaths, marriages and divorce information
Property sales, mortgages, credit history
Warranty cards, magazine subscriptions
Toll-free and 900 numbers
School directories
Sweepstakes entries

Have you ever used a credit card?
Have you ever dialed an 800-number?
Have you ever surfed the Web?

Companies collect information about you every day.
The information they collect is called a profile.

These companies then sell your profile to marketers, who in turn send you junk mail and try to call you.

Everyone who participates in society and the economy has been profiled. Profiles are the result of a plethora of transactional data that consumers generate everyday in the ordinary course of their life.

What if you use an 800 number to buy a pair of shoes from a catalog with your credit card? You've just added data to your profile with the phone company, the catalog merchandiser and your credit card company. Your personal information gets captured by all three companies who consider it their commerical property.


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